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late night workers

How Can Late-night Workers Have An Improved Sleeping Schedule?

If you could illustrate your health and wellness score on a pie chart, nutrition and exercise only make half of your entire health game. The quality of your sleep and emotional wellness play equally bigger roles and deserve the same attention. This is why you always hear us talking about giving equal importance and...


How to Quit Your Sugar Addiction?

Today we are going to talk about sugar addiction and how to quit it. The reason behind choosing this topic is that today, in my consultation, one of the clients mentioned that she craves sweets every time she is in a stressful situation, and it has become a vicious cycle that makes her feel...

liver health

All About Liver Love: A Preventive and Lifestyle Approach Towards Liver Health

More often than not, when the topic of preventive healthcare arises, it is uncommon for people to say, “But I am a healthy individual. Why must I invest in preventive wellness? It is redundant to spend money on tests when I am asymptomatic! It is like wasting resources in preparation for calamities that are...