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Joint Pain? Sore Muscles? Sprain? Swelling? This Homemade Magic Oil Can Help

Are you struggling with chronic inflammatory pain? Joint pain? Arthritic pain? Fibromyalgia pain? Sore and aching muscles? Tennis elbow? Sprain? Swelling and bruising? Here is an inexpensive and natural painkiller remedy that can soothe all the above. When I was skating a couple of years ago, I hurt my ankle. I usually don't use painkillers unless...


What Are the Benefits of Oil Pulling?

Did you know the tradition of using oil for oral hygiene dates back more than 3,000 years? Ayurveda mentions the process of Kavala and Gandusha as part of the dinacharya or daily routine. While Kavala refers to holding a small amount of fluid in your mouth, swishing it briskly, and spitting it out, Gandusha...


Muscle Relaxant Body Oil RENEW By Ras: Everything You Need to Know

“In our line of work, we come across several pain-related complaints arising. We wanted a solution that is natural, efficient, and convenient. Since we could not find anything like that, we went ahead and filled the gap with hand-picked ingredients that hold unique muscle relaxing and pain-relieving properties. We do not endorse, we create” -...