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5 Benefits of Salt Water Gargling Cough, Sore Throat, Dental Issues, and More

5 Benefits of Salt Water Gargling: Cough, Sore Throat, Dental Issues, and More

I want to talk about a simple and inexpensive remedy. It does not cost you any money. You can do it right wherever you are - in any part of the world. All the ingredients you need for it are within your arm's reach. Civilizations around the world practiced it. Your great-grandparents, grandparents, parents,...

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How To Relieve Bloating? Simple Lifestyle Hacks To Follow

I often get questions asking - Luke, what is the easiest and quickest way to feel lighter? I wake up with a puffy face where my stomach and abdomen feel tight. While this settles down towards midday, I regain this bloating and puffiness by evening. I feel fat. What should I do? I tell most...


4 Concoctions and Remedies to Keep Cold, Cough, and Flu at Bay

While we love the chill in the air as much as our neighbor next door, the season of constant sniffles, runny and clogged noses, coughs, colds, congestion, sinuses and flu is here. So, our experts put together a list of quick and easy-to-prepare homemade concoctions to help you with immediate relief. These homemade brews will...