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5 Must Do Yoga Postures for Impossibly Busy Days

Oh! I have a busy day ahead. I am traveling! The holiday season is here! It is Diwali week! It is Thanksgiving! It is Christmas week! I have social commitments! The year is ending now! These are some of the excuses we come across in our day-to-day practice as yoga experts. Physical activity is an area of lifestyle that is...

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From Doing To Being Yoga – 5 Secrets To Let Yoga Bliss Spill Into Your Life

Yoga is not another to-do list in your day. Image credit: Unsplash The clock is ticking five. You get into your yoga wear, roll out your mat, set an alarm for 30 minutes, perform one asana after the other, throw in a couple of deep breaths, a minute or two of forceful meditation, and lastly...