How Divine Grace Sustained Me

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How Divine Grace Sustained Me

I hope each of you is doing well. As you know, I keep talking about divine grace and energy that exists in and around all of us. Yet, sometimes we move so fast in our lives or have too much chatter in the mind that we fail to realize its existence.

Practicing mindfulness and reflection at the end of the day or intermittently during the day allows us to recognize and appreciate this grace and energy. Affirmations recited with deep feelings from the heart make them real and powerful. These also allow us to realize the power of this divine energy and grace. I am writing this note to share a recent anecdote from my life.

I was in Pune, a city in India, with my team for a massive event to address businessmen/women and young passionate youth.

It was scheduled to start at 5 PM IST and last for the next hour and a half. So, I had lunch with my team around 12:30 PM. Another teammate and I chose to eat a salad. The moment I finished my meal, I felt weird in my tummy. I could feel like my immune system was crashing.

With cold hands and sudden fatigue, I knew I had a stomach infection. I went up to my room to change. I thought I would try to use the restroom but did not need to. It was just a weird feeling. When we left the hotel for the venue, I slept the entire route.

We arrived early with an hour to spend. I sat down in the waiting area, meeting a few people and fans while feeling very sick. A whole part of me told me that it would be impossible for me to do this event. At this moment, I used the affirmations I often shared with others.

“I am safe
I am guided
I am protected.”
I uttered this and kept myself busy talking to people.


The event started an hour later, and I was up on stage. As I looked at the massive and super audience, I felt a surge of energy within me. It rose from my heart to my head and traveled to other parts of my body. With the mic in my hand, I chose to stand, speak, and answer questions for the next hour and a half. I had no clue how I managed the entire session with energy and grace.

Once the event ended, we headed back to the hotel. I told my team I was going up to my room to rest. The minute I shut the door, it was like my body gave up. I had a burning fever in seconds and extreme fatigue. It was like divine grace, despite the infection, rose within me to support me through what I had intended.

A great session and a super audience, it was a chance to make a difference, educate, and inspire people who came to listen.

divine-grace-luke-coutinhoHave you felt the divine grace? Photo Credits: Unsplash

This divine grace allowed for just that. Back in the room, I took a probiotic, melatonin, and crashed into a deep sleep, my most powerful medicine. I needed it to wake up in a position to travel back to Mumbai. When I reflect on this incident, all I get are goosebumps.

It serves as a reminder of how powerful our mind is and how it can support us when needed. Yes, I still needed to be sick through the night because of the infection. But the divine energy and grace supported me when I needed it the most. Incidents like this give us hope and power. They reinforce faith and belief in all medicines beyond medicine.

Remember, there is always divine grace around us and in us. The more we can recognize and feel this, the more grateful we can be for it. And the more grateful we are for it, the more we receive and start to live in awareness.

divine-grace-luke-coutinhoAre you making grace your space? Photo Credits: Unsplash

Truly grateful for this experience. Now, I would love to hear from you about the times you felt this divine grace and energy in your life. Let me know about these incidents in the comment section.

Much love,
Luke Coutinho

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  • Taarika Reply

    Beautiful article ♥️

    May 14, 2022 at 5:50 pm
  • Anonymous Reply

    Yes Luke, I have experienced such things.

    May 15, 2022 at 2:14 pm

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