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Look at Your Poop. THIS Is What It Tells You About Your Health

You always hear us encouraging you to be mindful of the food you put in your system. But there is something equally important for you to do. It is looking at your poop. As bizarre as it may sound, the color and texture of your poop can be a window into your gut health....


How Divine Grace Sustained Me

I hope each of you is doing well. As you know, I keep talking about divine grace and energy that exists in and around all of us. Yet, sometimes we move so fast in our lives or have too much chatter in the mind that we fail to realize its existence. Practicing mindfulness and reflection...


We Suggested THIS Concoction To Our Diabetes Clients For 8-10 Weeks, and Voila

Did you know one out of six people with diabetes globally is from India? We rank second in the world (after China) with over 77 million diabetes cases. As you read this, millions of people are dying each year because of uncontrolled diabetes. It makes the virus look feeble compared to the havoc diabetes...