8 Healthy Sweets to Make at Home this Festive Season

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8 Healthy Sweets to Make at Home this Festive Season

No festive season is complete without sweets. However, the sad part of this season is that there is a lot of fear and guilt attached to it. Most people start fearing about putting on weight and giving up on their fitness routine as soon as the festive season arrives, yet they have no plan of action in mind to overcome this. We have come to attach wrong perceptions with various festivities today. Holidays do not have to mean weight gain, and celebrations do not have to mean over-eating. Usually, people will overdo it on sweets and then feel guilty, and this eventually leads to a vicious cycle. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.


The lamest excuse is when people say they live only once, and hence they want to enjoy their life to the fullest. The smartest people know how to balance both. Enjoy life to the fullest, but also respect and look after your body and health. The “all or nothing” attitude is a weak and losing one. You always have a choice to eat healthier even during festivals. Be that person this festive season. It is possible. The only thing stopping you is YOU!


So, this festive season, let us make informed choices! Remember, homemade sweets are never really a problem. Your lifestyle is. Even if homemade sweets contain little sugar, they also have love put in it by the family member or members making it. It is so much better than commercial sweets that are laden with sugar, chemicals and lack of love and affection. Preparing our sweets with love or without love has a significant impact on our digestion too.


Let us learn how to make simple Indian sweets at home this season. Make and eat them with love, without greed, and your body will know exactly how to digest it. You can also involve your kids and family in preparing them and make it a fun-filled family activity.


  1. Makhana Kheer:

Makhana is a brilliant brain health boosting food. It is a simple yet nutritious kheer (sweet dish) made from fox nuts and almond milk.

Here is how you prepare Makhana Kheer.



  1. Raw Cacao Energy Balls:

Here is a nutrient-dense sweet treat! It is called a superfood for various reasons; raw cacao comes filled with antioxidants, protein, polyphenols, minerals, and vitamins. Remember to use “cacao” and not “cocoa”.

Here is the recipe for Raw Cacao Energy Balls.



  1. Sweet Potato Halwa:

Sweet potato is a must-have winter food. This precious tuber is fantastic for immunity, cancer, digestion, skin, hair, eyes, weight and energy. This recipe is simply a mash of sweet potato and tastes just perfect with nuts and spices.

Here is how you make Sweet Potato Halwa.



  1. Sesame Edible Gum Ladoos:

Another perfect winter-food for its warming nature, there is so much sesame and jaggery can do for our heart, skin, hair, hormones, respiratory function, energy levels, muscle health, immunity and so on.

Here is the recipe for Sesame Edible-gum Ladoos.



  1. Ragi Chocolate Sheera:

Ragi is a wonder grain that is rich in fibre, zinc and calcium. It is packed with good carbohydrates and amino acids, and will keep you feeling full for long. It is great for kids too.

Here is how you make Ragi Chocolate Sheera.



  1. Besan Ladoos:

This classic Indian sweet is a winter special too, as it is known to keep the body warm. Gram flour is highly nutritious due to its high protein content, fibre, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, folate and vitamin B-6. It can be relished in moderation by people with diabetes too.

Here is how you prepare Besan Ladoo.



  1. Coconut Cacao Laddoos:

These laddoos can be enjoyed by kids, adults as well as senior citizens. Sweetened with jaggery, these laddoos are highly nutritious and rich in fibre, vitamin E, B1, and B3. It also helps in reducing the risk of heart disease and improves good cholesterol. It involves the use of raw cacao, which is another storehouse of antioxidants and magnesium that has a positive effect on the health of your heart and brain.

Here is the recipe for Coconut Cacao Laddoos.



  1. Turmeric Sesame Ladoos:

While each of these ingredients is powerful in itself, the beauty lies in the synergy between them. The combination of turmeric, black pepper, and a source of fat (ghee or coconut oil) is excellent for treating inflammation, and helps with one’s immunity, brain health and memory, DNA protection, cramps, metabolism and joint pains.

Here is how you make Turmeric Sesame Ladoos.



Note: If you have a medical condition and are on medicines, please discuss the ingredients with your healthcare professional before consuming them.


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