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10 Ancient Indian Practices For A Healthy Life.

10 Ancient Indian Practices For A Healthy Life. Are You Practicing Them?

Why do we join our hands when we say namaste? Or sit on the floor when we eat? Why do we avoid wearing footwear in our homes? Almost every culture has different practices and rituals it has lived by and passed down through generations. When we study these closely, we realize the wisdom in them that...

how to stimulate the vagus nerve

10 Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve Today

Every human being is born with certain powers. Yet, most of us don't even use these today. One such incredible intelligence within you is your ability to stimulate the vagus nerve. What is the vagus nerve? Vagus means wanderer in Latin, which describes how this nerve wanders over your body and reaches various organs. The vagus nerve...


Aum Chanting Benefits

Indian scriptures mention the sacred syllable “AUM” as the primordial sound from which all other sounds and creations are said to have emerged. It is widely believed that Aum was the first sound emitted when the universe was created and as a symbol, it occupies a unique place in spirituality. Aum (or as it is...