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Intermittent fasting for your unique body

Breaking the 16:8 Myth: Intermittent Fasting for Your Unique Body

Picture yourself in a clothing store, trying on a one-size-fits-all shirt. While you may find it uncomfortably tight or loose, others may find it fitting them perfectly!   This is also true for intermittent fasting – a trend that has taken the health and wellness world by storm. While it works wonders for some, it leaves...

skipping meals mistake

Why Skipping Meals Is the Worst Mistake You Can Make!

Have you ever gone out with your friends for lunch and thought “Oh no! I’ve eaten too much, I’m just going to skip dinner!” Or perhaps, you knew you were going out for dinner, and in anticipation, you thought, “Let me skip lunch so that I can eat whole-heartedly and guilt-free tonight?” Representational image only. Photo...

how to stimulate the vagus nerve

10 Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve Today

Every human being is born with certain powers. Yet, most of us don't even use these today. One such incredible intelligence within you is your ability to stimulate the vagus nerve. What is the vagus nerve? Vagus means wanderer in Latin, which describes how this nerve wanders over your body and reaches various organs. The vagus nerve...