From Stress to Relaxation in Under 3 Minutes With Luke’s Slump, Dump, and Pump Technique

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From Stress to Relaxation in Under 3 Minutes With Luke’s Slump, Dump, and Pump Technique

From Stress to Relaxation in Under 3 Minutes With Luke’s Slump, Dump, and Pump Technique

Stressed Out? Fatigued? Feeling Negative? Try Luke’s Slump, Dump, and Pump Today

A million-dollar question that plagues us all.

What is the root cause of most unhappiness in our lives today?

The emotional baggage of the past
The inability to forgive
And more.
The list is almost never-ending, isn’t it?

Yes, these emotions are a part and parcel of life. But the truth is when they become chronic – they weigh us down. When you deep-seat them, they manifest into symptoms and disease over time. I am not the only one saying this. Medical science, research, and common sense point to this intricate connection between our emotions and physical health.

When you harbor negative emotions within you, these start to eat you from the inside, creating a lower immune response, increasing inflammation, and making you vulnerable to a host of diseases.

Many of us indeed live jet-set lives. We all have responsibilities. Sometimes, we become greedy and aspire for more than we can handle, and then our health problems start slowing us down. Some of us are in situations where our lives are genuinely difficult. Many work two or three jobs to keep their families afloat, commute for two hours every day, and when they return home, they need to take care of the household chores too because they have no support. Everyone’s lives and struggles are different. Don’t judge someone because you do not know what battles they are fighting.

That being said, amid all these highs and lows, wins and losses, peaks and curveballs, no matter where we come from and what lives we live, there is one thing we all need. It is the need to relax. Sounds utopian, right? Only it is not.

Truth bomb: Relaxation is not a choice. It is what the human body needs to survive and thrive.

You have the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. While the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for your stress or flight and fight response, your parasympathetic nervous system is where you rest, digest, and regenerate. The state in which you grow, repair, digest your food, and fall asleep.

Today you have people talking about longevity and selling you pills and supplements. I am not here to judge it. But you must know this: The more time you spend in the sympathetic nervous system, the faster you age. So, you could be popping all the expensive supplements and following the 15-step action plans that your longevity experts give you. But the more stressed out you are, the faster you age.

Is all stress bad? No. There are good and bad stressors. For instance, a cold shower or heat like a sauna or steam. These stressors for short periods can actually be beneficial for you. But what can you do when the frustration and angst of the day are weighing you down and cluttering your mind? And there seems like there’s no way out. I want to teach you a simple technique to relax instantly.

We have thousands of clients around the world who consult with us. And 90% of them deal with jet-set lives and chronic stress. Mums out there with kids and work to handle, dads with issues, troubled young teenagers – everyone is stressed. People are in a hustle culture where they think that doing more will get more results. I am not here to judge you but empower you with this powerful technique. In the last couple of months, I have taught this to hundreds of my patients, and the results are exceptional.

S.D.P. It stands for slump, dump, and pump.

It’s a technique that I came up with to create instant relaxation. You can do the same with meditation or pranayama. But we also need to understand that not everyone enjoys meditation. Some relax with prayer, faith, and belief, while others relax in nature. Respect bio-individuality.

Where can you practice S.D.P?

  • Wherever you are:
  • On a flight
  • In a hotel
  • In the car, not when you are driving, but if you are in the backseat
  • In between your workday, between meetings, or your breaks
  • At home, in your bedroom, on the balcony, in the garden

All you need is two to three minutes.

This technique aims to move you into the parasympathetic nervous system from the sympathetic nervous system.

Stressed out? Tired? Fatigued? Feeling negative?







Step 1 – Slump

From Stress to Relaxation in Under 3 Minutes With Luke’s Slump, Dump, and Pump Technique
Representational image only. Photo Credits: Freepik

S stands for Slump.

You may be stressed, but did you know you can still trick your body and mind?

  • All you need to do is find a comfortable position.
  • Sit down in a chair or the couch. And for the first time, I am asking you – do not keep your back straight or sit erect.
  • Just slump.
  • Drop your head in whatever direction is natural to you and relax.
  • Leave your hands be. They could be in your lap or dangling.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Once you have slumped, take a deep breath.
  • A deep inhale. And as you exhale, keep slumping more into a position of comfort. It could look odd, lazy, slouched – it doesn’t matter.
  • Follow every deep inhale with an exhale and slump further.

Picture a bag or sack of potatoes. When you lift it, it is bulky, and the potatoes keep moving around. When you put that sack down, a couple of potatoes roll around in that sack and find a comfortable place to settle. It’s called slumping.

If you have ever been in a hammock, you know it doesn’t keep your back straight. Once you enter it, it takes the shape of your body. You relax with the sea around you. That is what slumping must feel like. You have successfully completed Step 1.

Step 2 – Dump

From Stress to Relaxation in Under 3 Minutes With Luke’s Slump, Dump, and Pump Technique
Representational image only. Photo Credits: Freepik

D stands for Dump. Not a literal dump, but a mental or mind dump.

Now in a very slouched position, take this mind dump. What is it?

Think of it like this. Every morning we take a dump or poop to eliminate waste and toxins from the body.

  • In the mind dump, recollect everything that’s happened in the last hour, day, or since the hour you woke up.
  • Anything negative that made you upset, angry, or frustrated. It could be an event, person, or thing.
  • Now visualize yourself dumping it out of your brain.
  • You can picture a trash can and just taking out stuff from your mind and dumping it in that trash can. Throwing all that negativity or anything that didn’t go well for you. That negative email, comment, heated debate on social media – just dump it out of your brain.
  • I like to visualize a hand going into my head and dumping it into a garbage can. You have now successfully slumped and taken a mind dump. Your mind is now empty. It is time to pump.

Step 3 – Pump

From Stress to Relaxation in Under 3 Minutes With Luke’s Slump, Dump, and Pump Technique
Representational image only. Photo Credits: Freepik

P stands for Pump. In the pump phase, create a space for conductive and empowering thoughts to enter.

  • Pump positive thoughts and instances into your mind. Ones that make you feel warm and happy. Something or someone you are grateful for.
  • Think about things that make you happy, what you are grateful for, and what excites you. Pump in its goodness.
  • Visualize the people you love – your parents, siblings, child, or partner, recall a comment or a gesture that moved you. Pump it into your mind.
  • It doesn’t matter how big or small the thought is. If nothing comes to mind, just count the small blessings – What a beautiful sunrise to wake up to, what a well-made cup of coffee!
  • Embrace this feeling. You might want to stay here for longer because it feels so good.
  • With that, you have reached the end of Step 3. You have successfully dumped and pumped.

It may sound complicated at first, but it isn’t. We have been doing this with our clients, and the number of testimonials that have been floating proves its power.

Someone wrote the other day saying, “Luke, after I finished the S.D.P. exercise, my mind just feels lighter through the day.”

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    How is this different from meditation?

    One of the differences is that you do not need to silence your mind or thoughts. If you have more negative thoughts, let the dumping process be longer. The goal is to then pump your mind back with good thoughts. Some may wonder, “What if there is nothing to dump? What if I have had a good day.” Then move straight to the pump phase and relax.

    We teach it to our patients undergoing chemotherapy sitting in the hospital. We reach them to slump and dump all the negativity that’s going on in their minds. And as the chemo goes in, to pump in thoughts of what they want.

    Many clients who tried this before hitting the hay say, “Luke, we are sleeping like babies.”

    It is simple. You dump the negative and pump the positive. The simple act moves you from the sympathetic nervous into the parasympathetic nervous system. And this is the system you want to spend most of your day and life in. It equals longevity, immunity, low inflammation, repair, cell growth, human growth hormone, inner peace, relaxation, and more.

    Three to five minutes is all it takes. The next time thoughts and situations pull you down, excuse yourself and do a – slump – dump – pump. Try this today, and let me know how it worked for you.

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