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Acidity? Indigestion? Bloating? Try This 3-Ingredient Concoction For Better Gut Health

I want to talk about a simple concoction that uses three readily available ingredients in your kitchen. I have spoken about this before. Whether you are looking at building your gut health or relieving gut-related issues like indigestion, acidity, bloating, and constipation, this concoction could be powerful for you. But before I share the recipe...


10 Reasons to Add Ajwain to Your Meals Today

This ingredient is a staple in almost every Indian kitchen. From kadhas and parathas to pakoras and mukhwas, these lend a unique flavor to numerous desi preparations. It has a strong taste and pungent aroma. It is often dry-roasted, ground, and added to spice mixtures. The nutrition and health benefits can work wonders for digestion,...


5 Natural Home Remedies to Ease Constipation

As gross as it may sound, pay attention to the frequency, color, and consistency of your poop. It reflects your current health. While an average individual poops three to four times a week, those with a regular pattern pass bowels the same number of times a day and at fixed times. Are you pooping...