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Common Cold Cough Congestion Flu Try These Concoctions and Home Remedies for Relief

Common Cold? Cough? Congestion? Flu? Try These Easy Concoctions and Home Remedies for Relief

The flu season has officially made its comeback. Most of us have gotten so used to quick fixes or dependence on antibiotics that we have forgotten the traditional methods and kadhas that our parents and grandparents gave us to relieve stubborn common cold, fever, cough, and congestion. While medicines have their place and can be...


10 Reasons to Add Ajwain to Your Meals Today

This ingredient is a staple in almost every Indian kitchen. From kadhas and parathas to pakoras and mukhwas, these lend a unique flavor to numerous desi preparations. It has a strong taste and pungent aroma. It is often dry-roasted, ground, and added to spice mixtures. The nutrition and health benefits can work wonders for digestion,...


4 Concoctions and Remedies to Keep Cold, Cough, and Flu at Bay

While we love the chill in the air as much as our neighbor next door, the season of constant sniffles, runny and clogged noses, coughs, colds, congestion, sinuses and flu is here. So, our experts put together a list of quick and easy-to-prepare homemade concoctions to help you with immediate relief. These homemade brews will...