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Poor Air Quality Index? Here Are Quick Tips To Protect and Cleanse Your Lungs

The air quality index (AQI) in India, especially in Mumbai, is at its worst. It can seriously affect the health of children, adults, and even senior citizens, particularly those with existing lung conditions like lung cancers, respiratory issues, emphysema, and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Our lungs are one of the most vital organs of...

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Add THIS Spice for Better Digestion, Blood Sugar, BP, Metabolism, Sleep, and Natural Cleanse

Many of us have a love and hate relationship with this spice, especially when you are in the middle of eating a biryani or a lazzatdar pulao and biting on it. It is native to India and a staple ingredient in the cluster of spices that make the traditional garam masala. It even has...


Natural Ways to Prevent Smog Related Health Issues

Come winter, come smog. Smog is nothing but smoke + fog, a type of outdoor air pollution that can cause particular problems for people with existing health problems, including chest, lung or heart complaints. The following changes can help in strengthening the lungs: (more…)


Health Benefits Of Jaljeera

In the complicated lives that we are all living today, we tend to forget the beauty of the word simplicity.  In such times, it is important to value simplicity and simple lifestyle habits which come completely free of cost! A simple practice like deep breathing has a positive influence on your life and health....