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Non dairy kadhi

  Non-dairy kadhi A dairy free version of delicous Gujarati Kadhi. A spicy soup made with coconut milk and sattu instead of the traditional yogurt. Whisker/hand blenderIron kadhai/steel kadhai 2/3 cup Thick coconut milk2 tbsp Roasted sattu flour1/2 tsp Cumin seeds1 tsp A2 cow ghee2 Green chillies2 inch Ginger (ground to a paste)Handful curry leavesJuice of 1...

Omega 3- Your BFF (Best Fat Friend)

Omega-3 fatty acids have received a lot of importance, and earned an excellent deal of respect off late, but do you know what omega-3s are? What are the omega-3 benefits that can convince you to include more of their food sources in your diet? We will unpack these questions one by one, but let us...

heart health

Heart Diseases: Types, Causes And Treatments

We celebrate these days every year, Cancer day, diabetes day and tomorrow we have World Heart Day. Heart diseases lead to the most amount of suffering and deaths in India right now followed by diabetes and cancer. So what's going wrong when we have hospitals, doctors, pharmaceuticals, medications, vitamins, Ayurveda, gyms (more…)