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Foods that lower energy and dull your brain

Low Energy Culprits: 4 Surprising Foods that Might be Dulling Your Brain

You are what you eat!   Sounds cliché? But if you dive deeper, you'll uncover a timeless truth that goes beyond today's popular diets and trends. Did you know? Over 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates — The father of medicine, asserted nutrition as a remedy.   Fast forward to today, and we are still unraveling the mysteries of how...

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1 Super Veggie, 10 Benefits: Have You Added This Inexpensive Root Vegetable to Your Plate?

When you and I eat this vegetable, it instantly turns our tongues into a deep red hue. Most of us grew up having a love-hate relationship with it. This inexpensive vegetable would always find its place in everything from your sandwich to sabzis and even salads. Scientific studies show how this humble vegetable can...

pure ghee benefits

The Magic of Pure Ghee: 10 Reasons to Start Embracing It

Remember when you were growing up, how your mothers and grandmothers would put a dollop of shudh desi ghee on your rotis, khichdi, and ladoos? Pure ghee has now been deemed a superfood and sold around the globe for exorbitant prices. The simplest way to use it is to make this at home. As...