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Building lean muscle

Building Lean Muscle: The Quickest Way to Lose Fat Without the Gym Grind

When we hear the phrase building lean muscle, our minds often visualize images of bodybuilders pumping iron in a gym, surrounded by heavy weights.   However, the truth about building muscle goes beyond these stereotypes and applies to everyone, regardless of age or gender.   So, today, we will delve into the importance of building lean muscle and...

From 103 Kgs to 86.7 Kgs in Just 90 Days Rahul’s Ultimate Fat Loss Triumph

From 103 Kgs to 86.7 Kgs in Just 90 Days: Rahul’s Ultimate Fat Loss Triumph

From 103 kgs to 86.7 kgs in just 90 days... The ultimate fat loss triumph Rahul did it, and you can too! Then vs now The power of focusing on fat loss and building lean muscle, instead of chasing the number on the scale It was in March 2023, when Rahul first came to us. What were the biggest pain points...

osteoblasts bone health

Osteoblasts! Find Out What They Are and Why You Need Them

Have you heard about osteoblasts? No? Well, before we dive straight into the topic, here are some observations that I need to share with you to build context. I have many patients between the ages of 20 to 40, who complain of painful and weakened bones. Upon further checking, we are increasingly meeting people in...