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7 Steps to Build a Powerful Morning Routine

Your morning is the most sacred hour of the day. How you wake up and what you do in that initial hour can set the tone and decide how the rest of your day will unfold. Yet, it is unfortunate how most of us inherently reach out to our phones as soon as we...


Is Nutrition and Exercise Overhyped? Find Out

How many of you think nutrition and exercise are overhyped? If you do, this simple learning and truth that I will now share with you could be your prescription for better health and life. The more I consult in my field of integrative and lifestyle medicine, the clearer certain things become to me. When I...


Why Are Young People Dying of Sudden Strokes and Heart Attacks?

Today we see young and fit people who eat healthily, exercise regularly, go to gyms, and have ripped bodies dying of sudden heart attacks and strokes. Why is this happening? Is there a gap in cardiovascular care? Or are we so focused on post-heart attack action, that we have failed to pay attention to...