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Cold Potato Salad to Non-Dairy Kadhi: 5 Must-Try Healthy Recipes

How often do you find yourself googling healthy recipes? We are what we eat. If your food doesn’t make you feel satiated or leave you with positive energy, then perhaps you need to improve your relationship with it. At You Care, we always emphasize the need for clean and quality ingredients, cooking food the...


10 Reasons Why Mushrooms Are Good for Your Health

Did you know in ancient India and China, mushrooms were given the moniker of the elixir of life and deemed the food of the gods? If you were to ask us why you should include these in your meals, we could list at least 101 reasons. Of course, while maintaining caution. Are you allergic...

Kids Menu

Confused What To Cook For Your ‘Lil One? Our New Kids Menu Is Here!

Dear Parents, Hope you are using our monthly menus and referring to them for meal ideas for your kids.  Our November menu is ready! Healthy and kid-friendly meal ideas for all 7 days of the week that you can put together for your kids without having to think about nutrition, taste, and appeal because our nutrition experts have...