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Harnessing the Power of My Sunday Evenings

Harnessing the Power of My Sunday Evenings

Just wanted to take the time out to reflect and write to you about how I have been most Sunday evenings. It has been working for me. We are all different. Do what suits you. This is what works for me.   Harnessing the Power of My Sunday Evenings: Representational Image. Photo Credits: Freepik/Waewkidja Mindful Planning, Setting Intentions,...

10 fat loss mistakes to avoid

Stop Making These Top 10 Fat Loss Mistakes!

How to lose weight? What are the most effective tips for fat loss? We have DMs and queries that pour in from around the world like these. Not just us, these are perhaps some of the most trending health queries you will find on Google. Having consulted over 20,000 clients around the globe over...


Our Most Successful Clients Adopted These Top Lifestyle Changes in 2021

As 2021 draws to an end, we decided to look back and reflect on the journeys of our clients over the last year. And these are the top lifestyle changes that had a phenomenal impact on their health and recovery. Want to know more? Watch this video until the end. Delve deeper into the details...