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A Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting: Benefits, Dos and Don’ts, and More

What is intermittent fasting? Can it be powerful for health? How does one go about it? Can everybody do it? Are there any side effects? What are the common mistakes to avoid while practicing intermittent fasting? The questions are endless, right? So, our experts at You Care have put together a 101 guide on Intermittent...


9 Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds: Diabetes, Cancer, Indigestion, Constipation, Sex Drive, and More

Did you know that fenugreek is among the oldest medicinal plants with an exceptional medicinal and nutritional profile? From fiber to linolenic acid, oleic acid, choline, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, nicotinic acid, and niacin, it has several functional elements. Even our ancestors used fenugreek seeds for various health benefits. This powerful seed is...


Dandruff, Itchy Scalp, Split Ends, Frizz? This Inexpensive Natural Shrub Is Magical

Is dry scalp, premature graying, dandruff, split ends, and dull and frizzy hair a never-ending battle for you? Chances are you may have tried numerous chemical shampoos, conditioners, and treatments that most companies spend millions of dollars advertising to you. These may claim to resolve your hair problems but remember, every chemical you apply...

11 Health Benefits of Eating 6 Soaked Black Raisins a Day

How many of you grew up with your mothers and grandmothers encouraging you to soak nuts (almonds or black raisins) overnight before consuming them? Today we want to share a powerful practice that has existed in our country for centuries and can be a simple yet super impactful lifestyle change you could make today....


Struggling With Premature Gray or White Hair? Try THIS.

While some of us may think hair is just hair, many people look at their hair as part of their identity. Its length, strength, and maintenance become ways of expression. Some people look at haircuts as a ritual that marks a life change, a transition from closing an old chapter and beginning another. And...

Overcoming Grief: How to Deal With a Loved One’s Loss?

Overcoming Grief: How to Deal With a Loved One’s Loss

“Grief is a cruel kind of education. You learn how ungentle mourning can be, how full of anger. You learn how glib condolences can feel. You learn how much grief is about language, the failure of language, and the grasping for language.” - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Notes on Grief Death is inevitable and so is the...

Kulith/Horse Gram Soup

  Kulith/Horse Gram Soup Horsegram soup or Kulith soup is tasty and super bursting high nutrient soup made from easily available ingredients and spices from our very own kitchen. Soup potPressure cookerLadle 250 g Kulith/horse gram (soaked overnight)½ tsp Ethically sourced A2 cow ghee½ tsp Jeera/cumin2-3 Curry leaves/kadi patta½ tbsp Paste of fresh ginger and garlic¼ tsp...

Why are my ears ringing? It could be Tinnitus.

Do your ears ring without a sound? Here’s why and what to do What is Tinnitus, and what are its Statistics? The meaning of the word tinnire is “to ring”. It is the condition that causes ringing in the ears, or abnormal sounds and sensations. The definition of tinnitus is “the perception of noise or ringing in the...

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Magic hair oil mix to halt premature greying, hair fall, dandruff and lustreless hair

The benefits of mustard oil, coconut oil, curry leaves and fenugreek seeds for hair care are very well known to all of us. This oil mix combines all the 4 ingredients to make an amazing oi mix that can address most of your hair issues primarily premature greying and hair fall . (more…)

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Natural Home Remedies To Cover Your Grey Hair

Hair primarily turns grey when melanocytes around hair follicle decrease or stops production of melanin.Grey strands of hair are really a person's most devastating nightmare. Hair primarily turns grey when melanocytes around hair follicle decrease or stops production of melanin. Keratin is the main protein which builds up hair. (more…)